High-end Stage Systems

Welcome to our world of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical stage technology products, where innovation meets precision.

Our high-end stage systems cover upper machinery, lower machinery and constructions which are controlled by our SIL3 control system SYB 2000, 2.5 or higher. Designed to elevate performances and enhance production capabilities, our cutting-edge solutions offer seamless integration, exceptional reliability, and unmatched versatility for the ultimate stage experience.

Upper Machinery

SCALA supplies an extensive package of high-end hoisting systems for use in theatres, opera houses and music halls.

All designs are based on the latest safety requirements and the most recent technology. Based on both electromechanical and hydraulic drive principles. Together with you, we dare to take on any challenge in the field of moving.

Our product range includes flybars, lighting bridges, portal bridges, curtains, fire curtains, chain hoists, point hoists, stage hoists, lighting hoists, side hoists and cycloramas.

Lower Machinery

Based on a wide variety of drive systems, SCALA designs inventive solutions for lifting systems in theaters.

This includes hydraulic systems, Spira lifting systems from Gala®, push chains from Serapid®, spindles and winch systems. We have extensive experience in designing orchestra pit lifts, stage lifts, auditorium lifts, lorry lifts, transport lifts, turntables, stage wagons, etc.

We are happy to advise you with solutions that meet your standards.

High-end Control Systems

Show programming is the main challenge you face as a user.

How do I you operate and program your installation within the very complex requirements of the various productions in your theatre. How much time do I you spend programming a single movement or a large number of complex and interdependent cues. But also, how quickly do I you select a single flybar and move it to a specific height at the request of one of the technicians on stage who needs to assemble the light. All these questions - and many more - will be answered by our new operating system SYB 4.0.

As the successor to Bosch Rexroth's existing SYB 3.0 system, SCALA has embarked on an extensive development project that retains all the goodness of the SYB 3.0 and combines it with the latest developments in control technology. Be assured that we will keep you informed.

ScalaOne control system

We proudly present the the successor to the SYB 3.0:
Together with the input from our users and our multi-disciplinary team of developers we will build on this next level of controls.


Whether you need lighting bridges, walkways, roller attic floors, lighting towers or a tension grid, SCALA is your partner.

Based on your requirements, our engineers design the necessary constructions and our technicians then install everything at your location.

Any Questions? 

As an international supplier of stage technology with a very extensive portfolio of solutions and references, we are happy to support you in any capacity.

Business Development Manager

Eeuwe Vos