Facilitating Shows in Theatres and Opera Houses

We make sure the multiple dimensions of art have space for expression. Hard work and proficiency are behind every form of performance.
Turn-key Supplier

One stop shop. As a turn-key supplier and system integrator SCALA takes care of projects from A to Z: listening to our customers, conceptual drawings, designing, building, logistics, project management, coordination, site-management, commissioning and certification. SCALA delivers!

Sparring Partner

Delivering the standard is claimed by many. Advising its customers on special solutions is SCALA's domain: SCALA takes the extra mile!

Stage Machinery‍

Upper stage machinery, lower stage machinery, control systems and mechanical constructions. SCALA supplies all the machinery needed in theatres and opera houses.

Project Management‍

Successful turn-key projects require high quality project management. This is where SCALA stands out.‍

Stage Engineering‍

All our solutions are designed in-house by our stage engineering teams: mechanical, hydraulic and control systems.

Stage Installation‍

SCALA installs all machinery and control systems with competent teams of skilled technicians and is in strict control thanks to our experienced site managers. ‍

Bosch Rexroth CE Partner

As a Certified Excellence Solutions Partner of Bosch Rexroth, SCALA has access to Rexroth databases, components, experts and developers. SCALA's skilled staff is trained in the latest hydraulics and drives technologies and can scale up using Rexroth's expert pool.

Therefore, SCALA can support its customers with state-of-the-art solutions for stage system projects and service requests.

Our worldwide Engagement

Any Questions? 

As an international supplier of stage technology with a very extensive portfolio of solutions and references, we are happy to support you in any capacity.


Roelof Bakker