One Group. One Voice.

Combined expertise and resources.

The partnership of multiple technical expertise in stage automation leads to a seamless integration of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems, ensuring efficient and flawless performances while unlocking limitless creative possibilities.


ACCEDIA GmbH is the German branch of ACCÉDIA Group, a major France originated player in electronic security, automatic closing and stage scenery equipment. ACCEDIA powers Fülling + Partner.


Dutch Theatre Systems & Services develops, designs, installs, and maintains theatre constructions, hoist systems and winches along with high-end control systems. DTS² offers ‘total service’, from components and sub-systems to full theatre automation. Their focus is a long-term relationship with their customers, based on knowledge and mutual trust.

Fülling + Partner

Fülling + Partner offers complete solutions for stage and event technology and industry automation. As a system provider of control technology Fülling + Partner likes to be challenged. Highly complex and complicated tasks to control motion is their passion – and daily Business.


Integron is a Dutch based leading hydraulic system- and service supplier. Their portfolio covers engineering, design and construct power packs, supplying and maintaining hydraulic components and hydraulic installations, monitoring all type of high pressure hoses with their Hose Management System HMS™.

StapoTech BV

Stage technology and metal constructions are in the DNA of StapoTech. This Belgium based company represents top quality delivery and hands-on services in Theaters and Opera houses. StapoTech has its own CNC machining-, welding- and coating facilities, design and build metal constructions and produce their own hoists and winches.

VRI Tech Group

The Dutch originated VRI Tech Group represents a group of innovative companies supplying CE machines, turnkey installations and hands-on services. These companies are linked by drive-, lifting- and stage technologies. Covering hydraulics, pneumatics and industrial automation. VRI powers DTS2 and Integron.

Bosch Rexroth CE Partner

SCALA is Certified Excellence Solutions Partner of Bosch Rexroth.

As a Certified Excellence Solutions Partner of Bosch Rexroth, SCALA has access to Rexroth databases, components, experts and developers. SCALA's skilled staff is trained in the latest hydraulics and drives technologies and can scale up using Rexroth's expert pool.

Therefore, SCALA can support its customers with state-of-the-art solutions for stage system projects and service requests.

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Roelof Bakker